Sunday, November 8, 2009


I woke up this morning with one goal.

Get started on that commission!

but like all good girls, one needs fule for the fire....

I had a lovely morning with the turks eating breakfast and playing taboo, then chating on the portch and saying goodbyes, that secretly was linked to biger good byes....

with my belly full ozi and I made our way down to kinkos to print images for me to work from, draw on etc.

Ozi got coffee at Lava Java, I got a ginger beer, and a phone call from HANNAH!!! .... She was wonderful to talk to catch up with and be insprired by!!!

her conversation lasted from the rainy portch of java world down the highway to the door of my studio.

when I closed my phone my hart my bell and my brian were all ready to move foward on drawing....

I ented my studio, took off my hat and jacket, put on my black hudie, and sat down to my pre-sharpened and orginized pincels ( ok I sharpened them by hand and orginized them... but pat on the back for me for being on top of my shit!)..... beging the drawing was like finding my breath again....

I set about like a surgen on the first one, doing a bit of gridding, on the immage and on the blank page. Then it was like a big puzzle. fitting the curves of the immage to the blank (ney, gridded page).... I typically don't grid, I like to work intutivly, letting one pice determin the others continually cross checking myself. But the first immgae had two many varribles in it. Three figures, two of witch are mostly floating ( as it were ) in space.... well they are walking on the beach but they are not nessled next to oneanother.

Becuse the grid was fun I thought about doing it on the second immage but after a moment of overlooking the immage I decided to just stick to my gut.... and my brain.

I am happy with the outcome thus far......

looking foward to what comes next!... even though i know.... the bridge and revisions/details!!!

well hopefully tomorow if not Wonderful Wednesday when I get off for the veterans....! and my birthday!!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cool Globes

Thursday at aproximately 12:32pm I left my little apartment in Austin, and flew (well actually drove) down to Huston all by my lonesome.

WHY? might you ask.... I had a date with my self as an artist! I was invited to the Cool Globes project.

it was amazingly fun!